Our commitment to planning, implementation and continuous improvement will ensure our vision for the future and our students’ success.

Benchmarks/Key Performance Indicators

  • Strengthened student outcomes as measured by NSSE results above average as compared to peers; six month job placement rates in the upper 90’s; increased retention rates (85% by 2022); and increased graduation rates (65% by 2022).

Strategic Goals

  1. Strengthen student learning outcomes assessment across the University.
  2. Establish a regular calendar for academic program review/competitor analysis and academic and student life prioritization to support curricular and co-curricular innovation and keep pace with advances in higher education, industry and the professions. Work closely with departments within each division to implement recommendations from these reviews.
  3. Establish an organized mechanism by which to support annual assessment in administrative departments and support subsequent improvements.
  4. Establish an organized mechanism for effectively tracking the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the assessment of intended outcomes and benchmarks.