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Discover how familiar tradition can be blended with contemporary creativity in choral, congregational and instrumental music for worship. Westminster’s renowned program will develop your understanding and appreciation of sacred music’s rich traditions, contemporary trends, and their relationship to worship and the community.

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Program requirements

Our 31-credit graduate curriculum focuses on technique, repertoire and performance practice. Coursework also covers theology, Biblical and post-Biblical religious history in the development and practice of liturgy and worship.

Through a reciprocal partnership with Princeton Theological Seminary, Westminster Choir College graduate students may take certain courses offered by the seminary. The seminary's Speer Library is also an invaluable resource for sacred music majors.

Sacred Music

Enhance music ministries

Sacred music graduates leave our program well prepared to minister diverse religious communities. Each week, millions of people around the world worship in churches - large and small - with music programs led by Westminster Choir College graduates.

Common careers:

  • Minister of Music
  • Director of Music
  • Director of Worship and Fine Arts
  • Choral Director
  • Accompanist

Online study option

Get a Master's of Music in Sacred Music with the flexibility of an online format, perfect for students looking to advance their education while maintaining a full time job. 


Sacred Music (M.M.)

Tom Shelton

Associate Professor, Department Chair

Department of Choral Studies, Music Education and Sacred Music

Westminster House

tshelton [at]

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Academic Focus: Sacred Music

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