Program overview

Rider University’s Latinx studies minor examines the diverse social, historical, cultural and political contributions of Latina/o populations in the United States. Students who minor in Latinx studies will gain a comprehensive understanding of Latina/o culture, and be prepared to apply their knowledge in graduate work or careers in a variety of areas, including academia, arts and culture organizations, government, public policy, the non-profit sector, and the social sciences.

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Minor requirements

Our 18-credit minor focuses on the sociopolitical, historical, scientific and cultural experiences and contributions of Latina/o Americans to U.S. society. In this interdisciplinary program, students have the opportunity to take courses in multiple disciplines, including history, political science, sociology and Spanish.


Latinx Studies (Minor)

Pearlie-Mae Peters

Professor, Director of Multicultural Studies Program

Department of English

Fine Arts Building

petersp [at]


Academic Focus: English

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