Take the First Step

Your path to career success begins long before graduation. That’s why Rider encourages incorporating an Enriched Career Experience into your academic journey and integrating it into your Engaged Learning activities to help achieve your future goals and transform your professional dreams into reality.

Make the most of this pivotal time in your life. An Enriched Career Experience will take your interest and ambition to the next level with high-impact professional opportunities that provide first-hand exposure to working in the professional world, plus structured support and coaching from Rider’s Center for Career Development and Success.

Find Your Footing

Explore potential career pathways, harness classroom learnings in real work settings, begin developing a valuable network, and acquire the readiness, competencies and knowledge for tomorrow’s success with an Enriched Career Experience (ECE).  From the day you start at the University, your Rider support team will partner with you to provide the necessary guidance and resources to help you develop professionally, progress towards your career objectives and prepare for life after graduation.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • A Rider career coach works exclusively with students in each school or college. The career coaches are part of the Center for Career Development and Success.
  • Your career coach will help you to find high-impact ECE opportunities, secure professional development training and ensure you are making progress towards your career objectives and goals.
  • Throughout your time as a student, your career coach will work closely with you to offer guidance ensuring you’re on track to complete an ECE as a means to maximize your possibilities and prepare you for the future.
  • During an ECE, you will be responsible for completing various requirements in order to receive Engaged Learning credit. Your career coach will support you in making sure you meet your responsibilities.
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Your Path to Success

If you learn one thing about Rider, we want it to be this: Your goals are within reach. Rider's aim is to provide you with transformative experiences so you can move forward fearlessly. As a Rider graduate, you'll depart with newfound confidence and a career game plan. Here's how we build the foundation to your success. 

Start your journey, gain experience, become career-ready, and launch your future