Program overview

The organizational psychology program focuses on the psychological processes that underlie the behavior of individuals in organizations. You will learn key concepts at the intersection of management and psychology to help you gain an in-depth understanding of what makes employees and organizations function at their best. Whether you want to manage the human resources aspect of a business, become a leader in another part of an organization, or work your way up to a C-level position, this foundation will prepare you to solve real-world organizational issues and improve employee productivity and well-being.

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Program requirements

Our program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the important contributions that organizational psychology plays in today’s workplace. Coursework will explore concepts of management and psychology, including perception and attitudes, employee motivation and engagement, and organizational leadership and power.

Common careers

Organizational psychologists are in demand because their expertise results in better hires, increased productivity, reduced turnover and lower labor costs. They can work as consultants to organizations, or serve in-house in a variety of jobs.

Career opportunities:

  • Human resource officer
  • Employee development manager
  • Organizational development director
  • Quality performance manager
  • Organizational psychologist
  • Testing specialist
  • Compensation and benefits specialist

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Organizational Psychology (B.A.)

Elaine Scorpio

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Mike and Patti Hennessy Science and Technology Center

escorpio [at]


Academic Focus: Psychology

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