Program overview

Rider’s Organizational Psychology Certificate will build your understanding of human behavior in the workplace and prepare you to apply psychological principles to help strengthen organizations. You’ll learn key theories of psychology and explore how they can be useful for enhancing individuals, improving leadership and developing effective organizations.

The Organizational Psychology Certificate is designed for current Rider students. Students studying in non-psychology-related majors can benefit from the knowledge obtained through this program as it can be applied across specific work contexts including careers in art, education and science.

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Program requirements

The Organizational Psychology Certificate curriculum offers an introduction to key theories in psychology to help students gain the theoretical knowledge to enhance organizational behavior. Areas of focus encompass theories of motivation and decision making, group dynamics, individual differences and principles of innovation. Completion of the certificate program will provide a science-based, practical skillset to students to help them prepare for a variety of professional careers regardless of major or post-graduate path.


Organizational Psychology Certificate

Elaine Scorpio

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Mike and Patti Hennessy Science and Technology Center

escorpio [at]


Academic Focus: Psychology

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