Program overview

The Rider University B.F.A in acting for film, television and theatre trains and empowers the “Actor of the Future” for the “Industry of the Future.” We train actors who are intelligent, malleable and courageous through industry-based courses in movement and fight choreography, devising and acting for the camera. Whether it is on stage, on film, in a web series, behind the voice-over microphone or some yet undiscovered medium of storytelling, actors from Rider’s BFA in acting program have the necessary skills—physical, intellectual, vocal, imaginative, and entrepreneurial —and the passion to be successful and adaptive in today’s industry.

Creativity thrives at Rider

Be your authentic self in a creative, diverse community. This close-knit network of innovative students in disciplines such as dance, musical theatre, music education, game and interactive media design, arts and entertainment industries management and more, provides endless opportunities for students to work together and explore their creative freedoms.  

Interdisciplinary studies provide opportunities for on-set collaboration with students in the film and television program. Potential minors include arts and entertainment industries management, education and counseling or psychology.

Ready for anything

Becoming an artist of the 21st century means that you will enter the workforce with a full tool kit at your disposal. This includes the technical training of acting, but also a marketing education for self promotion, social media studies, arts administration, backstage management and more. Be prepared to thrive in a variety of industries and professions.

Common careers:

  • Film, television or theatre actor
  • Content creator
  • Voice actor
  • Showrunner
  • Casting Director
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Program requirements

There’s a great benefit to giving arts students the space to explore and take ownership of their creativity. Acting students begin to develop and create their own projects in the first semester of classes. Students are given the freedom to discover which form of media brings out the best actor in them. Comprehensive training is provided in voice, speech and movement.  You'll have the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students in programs such as film and television and more.

A four year progression

Our professional actor training program includes a curriculum that gives students exposure to integrated media beginning freshman year and culminates with industry experiences in New York and Los Angeles. Acting majors study performance across film, television and theatre in a training program that best aligns with their goals. The curriculum builds upon developing skills year by year.

Engaged learning

Acting students will actively prepare to enter the field by perfecting their audition technique and beginning their business planning, all the while rehearsing and performing for various main stage productions. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with other arts programs, including theatre, where they will learn and gain experience in the various aspects of theatre production, from costume design to stagecraft and lighting. Rider’s film and television program also allows students to utilize the acting techniques learned by starring in an original film or digital media project and spending a semester in Los Angeles. BFA actors study and intern with industry professionals while living full-time in the heart of Hollywood's entertainment industry. 

Rider Film & Television Students at Paramount Pictures

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Acting for Film, Television and Theatre (B.F.A)

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