Program overview

In today’s ever-changing and competitive economic landscape, creativity and innovation are prerequisites not only for success, but for survival at the organizational level and job marketability at the individual level. The ability to adapt to change and deal with uncertainty and constraints creatively becomes critical for securing a top entry level position and advancing in a successful career.

Rider’s Creativity and Innovation certificate is designed to foster the development of an innovative skill set to benefit their professional advancement: to think and act creatively, whether for problem-solving or innovation purposes. This interdisciplinary program aims to prepare students, across all colleges and majors, to navigate uncertain and ever-changing environments and view them as opportunities rather than challenges, and thus advance in their professional careers.

This program is intended for current Rider students (majors from psychology and other disciplines). Students will benefit from the creative thinking, problem solving and leadership skills developed as a result of the program curriculum, and how to apply it towards their current and future careers.

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Program requirements

The Creativity and Innovation certificate curriculum encompasses psychology courses and interdisciplinary electives under a creativity designation. Psychology courses will provide the overarching knowledge on the topics of applied creative cognition, problem-solving and innovation, including related concepts of risk-taking, decision-making, team dynamics, and leadership. The interdisciplinary electives will provide opportunities for creative explorations, as chosen by the student.

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Catrinel Tromp

Associate Professor

Department of Psychology

Mike and Patti Hennessy Science and Technology Center

ctromp [at]


Academic Focus: Psychology

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