Your Source for Important Information

The content contained within Rider’s Resolved and Ready web site represents the comprehensive guidelines and recommendations that incorporate the University’s expectations and best practices throughout higher education. 

As the knowledge and understanding of the COVID-19 virus continues to evolve and new information becomes available, all relevant policies and plans will be updated as appropriate. Please check back frequently to stay informed.

Our Plan

Our ultimate goal is to balance our primary concern for the safety of all campus constituents with our mission of providing a vibrant, living and learning on-campus experience for the students we serve. 

All faculty, staff, students and external visitors are expected to fully comply with the policies, protocols and guidelines outlined in this site as part of the Rider University community. In response to conditions on its campus and to changing regulatory guidance and requirements regarding COVID-19, Rider University reserves the right to change rules and regulations governing COVID protocol compliance, and to make changes to the delivery of curriculum and the availability of services and activities for the academic year.

Rider’s plan to guide the resumption of campus operations includes:

  • In-person academic instruction
  • More robust on-campus living
  • Return to events, performances and athletic competitions